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Presentation @ Stiftelsen 3.14 7th of March in Bergen

At Stiftelsen 3,14 on 7 March, Saturday at 16:00, france and Helle will hold a presentation on their current research and artistic practices. Their main focus is the theory and practice behind contemporary art’s power to address gender norms and challenge them through strategic representation of varying gender formations. Helle and france are artists, queer…

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@BeFem Feminist Festival 2014

We, france and Helle, were lucky to be part of the BeFem Feminist Festival in Belgrade, Serbia the 6th-7th of December 2014. There we gave a presentation of our work and how gender can be used as a strategy in contemporary art. Here you can see some pictures from our presentation. 🙂…

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Disguised as Myself

Let’s be honest, even we queers struggle to think outside the proverbial boxes of gender, sex and sexuality. We too are highly conditioned to see identities delineated by the confining spaces that constitute who one is meant to be within our society and culture. It’s a struggle for me, in this way, to understand myself,…

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