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Art[]Gender[]Art is a transdiciplinary project dealing with gender and identity as a transformative act. Viewing the “pursuit of identity as a transformative exercise, an example of desire itself as transformative activity” (Gender Outlaw, K. Bornstein). The project will involve people in art, research, activism, and other disciplines. The idea is that the project serves as a platform for conversations to happen. Real social change will not happen through the artworks alone but through the dialogues and discussions it has the power to create.

Art[]Gender[]Art‘s aim is to reconstruct the negative and passive performativity of gender turning it into an active positive act of gendered performance. One of the ways to do this is through acknowledging and legitimising appropriation and copying as the source for simulating identities. Thereby opening up a space for identities without originals, but with infinite possibilities, revealing the Simulacra of Identity.
While always remaining within the context of art, the project will take on a multitude of forms depending on the circumstances surrounding any given event. The forms could be art exhibitions, symposiums, interventions, happenings, performances, publications or film screenings etc., or be any combination thereof.

The project will be accompanied by a publication titled The Transversal, which is an all inclusive gender variance fanzine to be released annually. It will be a mixture of text and images put together in a way as to open up the possibilities for variable interpretations and creating multiple meanings. Disrupting and queering heteronormativity.

Art[]Gender[]Art is a collaborative project run by artists and queer theorists france rose and Helle Grøndahl, focussing on destabilising gender norms through contemporary art. france and Helle travel to festivals, schools, universities, and galleries in order to present seminars, host queer art workshops, and curate queer art exhibitions.

france rose

france rose is an America-born, Norway-residing academic, artist and activist in the realm of queer rights. He has a MPhil in Sociology (Gender & Sexuality, from University of Cape Town) and is currently completing a MFA in Applied Arts (from Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, Norway). france focusses on using art as a platform for deconstructing gender norms.

Helle Grøndahl – www.hellegrondahl.com

Helle Grøndahl is an artist, curator and trans* activist. They have a Bachelor in Fine Arts from The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU and is currently taking courses at The Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo. In their work Helle uses appropriations, copies, imitations and reproductions to comment on, reveal and deconstruct the ideas of identity, gender and sex.

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