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Presentation @ Stiftelsen 3.14 7th of March in Bergen

At Stiftelsen 3,14 on 7 March, Saturday at 16:00, france and Helle will hold a presentation on their current research and artistic practices. Their main focus is the theory and practice behind contemporary art’s power to address gender norms and challenge them through strategic representation of varying gender formations.

Helle and france are artists, queer theorists and trans* activists based in Norway. Helle has a BFA in Fine Arts from Kunstakademiet i Trondheim (NTNU) and is currently studying Gender Studies at University of Oslo. france, originally from the States, has a MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and is currently completing an MFA in Fine Arts. Together they run Art [] Gender [] Art, a collaborative project which focuses on employing art as a tool in the exposure and deconstruction of heteronormativity. Started last year, they have had the opportunity to present seminars, exhibitions and workshops on this subject at various schools, festivals, conferences and galleries in Norway and abroad.

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Helle is an artist, curator and academic. They have a Bachelor in Fine Arts from The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU and are currently studying a Master’s in Gender Studies at The Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo. In their work Helle uses appropriations, copies and reproductions to comment on, reveal and deconstruct the ideas of identity, gender and sex.

Website: http://www.hellegrondahl.com/

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