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A thought on the Melgaard+Munch exhibition.

The End of It All Has Already Happened – Bjarne Melgaard + Edvard Munch 01.31-04.12 2015 @ The Munch Museum One may think whatever one wants about Bjarne Melgaard, but Edvard Munch needed a black cock up his white ass and a shot of steroids to bring him back from the dead. As for “Scream”…

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Disguised as Myself

Let’s be honest, even we queers struggle to think outside the proverbial boxes of gender, sex and sexuality. We too are highly conditioned to see identities delineated by the confining spaces that constitute who one is meant to be within our society and culture. It’s a struggle for me, in this way, to understand myself,…

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The F*** You Space

Sitting ten feet from me in this little Obz café is a very brave person. She types on her MacBook, sips her tea, and occasionally stares absent-mindedly out the window. Thankfully she’s not noticed yet, but I can’t stop glancing at her. She’s tall, slender, and suavely dressed, but what catches my eye is the…

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